about us

Where the chargers, the goers, the fighters, the firecrackers,

from all roots, from all stories,

gather to punch, push, pull, lift, jump, throw, kick, flow, and sweat.

Where dreams are backed by actions.

Where each real-life hero – and on-screen super hero –

is inspired, challenged, equipped,

physically and mentally,

to walk on,

To The Top.



Welcome to                           


Let's do this.


"The journey looks different for each one of us, but what we strive for and work towards is ultimately shared: improved athleticism, body awareness, self-confidence and fight IQ

– real changes in movement and attitude that are visible both in and out of the gym." - TT


meet us

Tom Taylor is the dynamic owner and head trainer behind T3 Athletics.  

With over 15 years of experience training, competing, and coaching in Vancouver’s elite fitness, athletic and martial arts community, Tom has become known for his innovative approach to training and performance.  Through the lens of creativity, connection, and a respect for the individual journey, he embraces a variety of training tools and modalities, cleverly combining his Martial Arts background with Strength, Conditioning and Functional Movement expertise to elevate the typical training session into one that is ultimately inspiring, engaging, and transformative.

Tom’s authenticity and enthusiasm for new knowledge and genuine connections is widely recognized.  He is a uniquely effective motivator, an avid traveller, and is almost always accompanied by his four-legged Assistant Trainer, Zoe – every client’s number one cheerleader and T3 Athletics’ unofficial Director of Rest & Recovery.

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T3 Athletics is proudly located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. 


Our home away from home is INFIGHTING TRAINING CENTRE in downtown Vancouver.





instagram: @infightingmma


For tribe energy, join us for weekly group classes at TURF in the vibrant neighbourhood of Kitsilano.

2041 W 4th AVENUE




instagram: @turfliving


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Have a question or ready to talk training?  We'd love to hear from you.

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